The Board

2020/2021 School Year Board of Directors

Allison Freeman/ PTSA President

Allison Freeman

Allison Freeman is the mom of a DCIS Baker 7th grader. She joined the PTSA Board in 2019 as treasurer and is now President. Her long and storied past includes a degree in Biology, a short stint in cancer research, a career in sales, a longer career as a Florist specializing in weddings and large corporate events, and now she is a part-time consultant for Microsoft and a part-time artist. She loves to garden and travel, in particular to Maui. 



Marie Meyer/ PTSA Vice President

Marie Meyer

Marie is a true global citizen and has lived on 4 continents and travelled extensively through six. Born in South Africa from a Dutch mother and German-French father, her own two children are now proudly American! DCIS Baker has been their school for 9 years, and volunteering in our community is their passion. She is also a big promoter of all things #LanguageImmersion and #CulturalExchange through her work @AdolescoInternationalYouthExchange

Pallas Quist/ PTSA Secretary